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Feeding four-year-olds is hard enough, throw celiac disease into the mix and this becomes a very daunting task. We explore gluten free options at home and in the San Francisco Bay Area and put them up against the toughest critics around... my kids.


Cooking Gluten Free style

About a year later my son was diagnosed after complaining of a tummy ache. Another blood test confirmed that our twins were now living life gluten free. We had tried to make separate meals for our daughter, but now that our son had a confirmed diagnosis we knew it would be more simple to make entire dinner meals gluten free. My girlfriend sent me a book in the mail, "Make if Fast, Cook it Slow". This book has changed my life. I remember my mom occasionally making meals in the crockpot as a child; however, how would I know if those recipes would really satisfy my growing little teacups? What I discovered is that the author often adds a verdict to the end of each recipe explaining her family's reaction to the recipe. This has become so very helpful.  I add the ingredients at night and by morning my breakfast is ready and the entire house smells scrumptious. After breakfast, I soon add the recipe for dinner and don't even think about it while I am out running the endless long list of errands.  I am even brainstorming new ideas that could be in the sequel. Has anyone ever cooked a whole squash just cut in half in the crock pot?

The appliance that has put a new twist on the standard crockpot is from gadget grid . I am putting this on my wish list.

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