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Feeding four-year-olds is hard enough, throw celiac disease into the mix and this becomes a very daunting task. We explore gluten free options at home and in the San Francisco Bay Area and put them up against the toughest critics around... my kids.


Tips for Gluten Free Cooking for Kids

To help my kids get into the kitchen, I make baby snowballs to snack on as we bake. 

1 T of a nut butter, 1 T chocolate chips, and 1T GF oatmeal then roll in coconut. 

One of my favorite places to find new and interesting facts that apply to me taking care of my gluten free kiddos is They just came out with some great facts for my picky GF eaters.

The article is fantastic and can be read in full here: GF is child's play. The take home is this..
"Probably the best advice we can give to help with your GF kids, picky eater or not, is to get them involved. Kids will eat almost anything if they are involved in making it. Cook with them. Have them help choose and prepare meals. Have fun. It's more than food, it's family."

My kiddos have loved helping make cookies, but it's time to expand their abilities to meal planning. Here are a couple of books on the market that are available to get you started. 

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  1. So true - it really is a good thing to have kids take ownership in food prep and planning.