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Feeding four-year-olds is hard enough, throw celiac disease into the mix and this becomes a very daunting task. We explore gluten free options at home and in the San Francisco Bay Area and put them up against the toughest critics around... my kids.


Will McDonalds attempt to clarify their gluten free options on their menu?

McDonalds allowed me to express my opinion about gluten free options on their menu at a meeting today. Here is an email I sent to reiterate my point to their nutritionist that McDonald's consults with. Feel free to email her, There was a lot of confusion in the meeting about whether or not the fries are gluten free.

Dear Sarah,

I spoke with you today about possible changes to the McDonald's menu. I would like to reiterate the notion that as a parent with children who have Celiac disease, as things currently sit, I would not take my kids there, and haven't, despite our obvious ties and support of the organization as a whole.

If you "Google" the words "McDonald's fries gluten free" - these are just some of the top ten results that come up:


GF blog:

GF blog:

GF blog:

Each of these, including a report from MSNBC state that the fries are not Gluten Free.

The only point here is that if they are actually gluten free, there is no way that we as parents could possibly decipher that, and given that gluten makes our child vomit within 20 minutes of consumption, there is no way we would take that risk. The stamp of approval from the Celiac Foundation is everything. If it is on food, I buy it. No matter how expensive it is. REALLY. I shop at whole foods now. WHOLE FOODS!!! My monthly food bill more than doubled when we made the change from Safeway to Whole Foods, but we pay it, and do so loyally and happily to keep our children healthy. We would do the same for McDonald's, and we are not alone on this.

I would be your "customer for life" if you could make some changes to provide more gluten free items on the menu. 


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  1. Good for you to speak up! I tried a "gluten free" chicken dish at a restaurant last night. It was delicious, but I'm not sure it was really gluten free. I don't know enough of the right questions to ask in order to be really sure.